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Snowflake Challenge Day 14

WOW! All caught up and one done on the correct day for a change!

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Day 14
In your own space, post recs for at least three fanworks that you did not create.

OH! HA! SO EASY! Well, except... only THREE!?!?

Ok, if I *MUST choose...

First, let it be said I recommend everything that sgamadison ever wrote. Just sayin'. But it doesn't seem fair to only rec her stuff, so here are a few others, though I am sure that they are already well known and loved to most people on *MY* flist.

Uhm, probably doesn't really need to be said, but everything here has a McShep flavour. Oooh, big surprise I know.

Not In Kansas Anymore..."
Okay, this is a whole series. Whatever, I'm cheating. These fics are a crossover of NCIS/SG1/SGA and so very interesting. The first piece is heavy on the NCIS, but they end up on Atlantis. Pretty fun, great characterization and some DAMN fine story telling. I stayed up waaaaaay too late reading this one a couple nights in a row.

- this is the 3rd in velocitygrass's Compatible Engagement series, set in lavvyan's John!farr verse. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the world build and character development in this as we see behind John's choices and why Rodney built the button. I love Rodney's mom and John's dad and the dance they do around each other. I love that Rodney is willing to give up something he wants to desperately because he loves JOHN and he want's JOHN to have the freedom to choose. Gourgeous writing.

Checkmate Verse
- this sweet little story by beadattitude is still one of my faves. John as a cat? Pure crack! Except... not. It's actually very sweet and telling and we learn a lot about Rodney and John during the time John is in his cat form. And oh, *SO* hilarious seeing Ronon trying to interact with John as a cat. I thought I would die laughing. The resolution of the story is sweet - such a lovely, *lovely* ending.

There you go. If you haven't already read them, why the heck not!?


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Jan. 15th, 2015 09:18 pm (UTC)
I'm still collating my Day Fourteen links, one of the reasons I've not finished is because I was rereading the Checkmate averse as it was one of my recs! ,that and Basement Cat has infiltrated Heaven, just love John as a cat!
Jan. 17th, 2015 03:03 am (UTC)
Yay recs! Thank you for reminding me of Checkmate, I might just have to re-re-re-re read it!
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