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I seem to excel at being confusing...

Reporting my work injury has been almost as painful as the injury. Since my office is closed, the old Office Manager/HR person won't answer my emails about HR things (not that I blame her). It's a little convoluted since I'm in BC, my manager is in Florida, the Big Boss is in DC and head office is in Nashville. No one knew WHO I was supposed to make the report to. I eventually forwarded the report to the office in Montreal, and they forwarded it to someone else. Turns out the company has hired a 3rd party vendor to handle Canadian HR/WCB stuff because it wasn't being handled right. *snort* Who knew? No one, apparently.

Yay to being able to move my knee in ways it should! Yay, sore muscles - wait. Not yay. But completely willing to live with it if it means that my chance of having this happen again in the future is reduced. it's funny how lifting your leg a few times this way and that way can cause such a burn in the muscles. Also, my knee is SORE, more sore than it has been in a week, but it doesn't feel like a bad sore, so I'm guessing that it's normal.

That afternoon was another co-op crafteroon, which is always fun and full of beady goodness, and whoa! I sold another thing on etsy! W00t! Ok, it was to someone who knows me, so I feel kind of like I'm cheating, but it's nice to know that someone likes my stuff. *grin*

I headed over to capnblackberry and motherinlawtree's place so we could run a few songs. I am so spoiled - I was fed dinner, I got to make lovely music with them, and then they sent me home with two big bags of plums from their tree and several bags of chopped up, frozen rhubarb from their garden.

Work today was moderately suckitudeinal due to Manager R having dumped 2 projects on her backup the day before she left for 3 weeks of vacation. My job was to update the intakes for the projects and have Manager D approve them so I could send them over for dev. After I spent a couple hours last week deciphering them, I called Manager D for clarification only to discover that R hadn't even discussed them with him and he had no idea what I was talking about. Also, they were supposed to be deployed for testing today.


I got a few emails from her today. It's been... interesting. I suspect that tomorrow will be more so. Oh, look at that, I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning.

I totally didn't plan it that way, but it couldn't have worked out better if I tried.


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Jul. 22nd, 2015 12:34 am (UTC)
Oh man. That sounds like it's been a process to get what you need.
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