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It becomes a really good week when it also contains friends, music and beer.

This week contained chocolate (courtesy of my children - Jazzy girl picked out the JB Chili Lime Caramel, which was perfect), music (singing with u_must_b_joking and Paul) and beer (which was really a beer/apple cider blend).

It was a very good week.

WCB approved my claim; since I didn't miss any work and was only asking they cover a couple physiotherapy sessions, I expected they would. I went for physio again this morning. I certainly have noticed a difference in the strength of the muscles in my left leg - I had no idea that being on crutches for almost 2 weeks and then favouring that leg could make such a huge impact. It's not like I was in a cast for a long time or immobilized for months after surgery, but still, it really weakens the muscles to not use them for even a little while. I tried the exercises with my right leg just to see, and while I still have to work at it (because I'm not in great shape) it's relatively easy to do to sets of 10-12. With the left< I couldn't get past 6 the first day. Now I can do 10, but 12 leaves the leg feeling rubbery.

I am nothing if not stubborn; I was forcing myself to do the whole set and the last couple days my knee has been hurting again, with sharp stabs of pain when I pivot or turn ways that were starting to feel ok. Physio lady frowned at me and told me not to push it. She was going to give me a new exercise, but decided against it when I told her something in my knee feels hinky when I do it. Not bad owie, just not right. Huh. Me, pushing it too hard with an exercise? Who knew that was even possible?

It's almost time for our excursion across the line to see moosaic4 and n7cdrsheppard - less than a week away! For extra added enjoyment, we'll be stopping to see tuto and trystel on Thursday night and then down to Portland for the rest of the weekend. I will have to work a drive-by to Shipwreck Beads into that as well. If things work out, maybe I'll even manage a quick coffee shop visit with cflute on my way through. One can hope!

I will bring Canadian Cider for my dear friends, as always, and I am sure that chocolate at some point in the weekend. With the very talented people I have the good fortune to be visiting, music is almost always involved - so, next week is shaping up to be a most excellent week as well.

Here in this place, at this time - life is good.


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Jul. 27th, 2015 08:51 am (UTC)
Happy you're feeling better....and enjoy Portland......

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