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I had a hankerin' for blond, Russian spies tonight, so Jazzy and I headed out to see the new Man from UNCLE movie. She'd never seen an episode, didn't even know that it had been a TV show. She just knew I'd talked about it and had MFU zines, so she wanted to go to.

So, overall? Really fun! I loved the period style font used in the credits and scenes, I loved the comic style action scenes with the screen splits - all very 60's. It just felt right.

I wasn't crazy about the Napoleon backstory, but I can live with it. The interaction between the two of them was great; I loved the first meeting!

Illya wasn't the same character from the TV show, but that didn't make it bad, just different. There was an interesting article about it, arguing that Illya had been dumbed down. I do see what they're getting at here, but still - it was fun. I think the hardest thing for me was seeing Illya towering over Napoleon - he's supposed to be slender and wiry!

Overall, I enjoyed it. I'd *totally* jump on the UNCLE bandwagon if they put out more movies. Sadly, I don't think it's going to do terribly well - I don't think it's had the advertising it could have had, and I suspect many people under 40 won't even have heard of the show. I suppose only time will tell.

Now I have a yen for MFU fic. *looks at flist hopefully* Anyone have an recs? I already own most of these, but other than AO3, I'm not really sure where else to look.


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Aug. 22nd, 2015 03:26 pm (UTC)
I have at some point seen a handful of episodes of the series, thus knowing just enough to have gotten the Illya Kuriakin reference in NCIS ;) (and I thought I had an icon of Ducky, but apparently don't...)

The article was interesting and certainly kindled my interest for the series too. David McCallum is so wonderful in NCIS, and I did love him in Sapphire and Steel (which scared me so much when I saw it when I was younger!), so MFU should be fun to watch too :) Just need to see if I can find some time for it *sigh*

It's been so lovely hearing from you, sorry I haven't commented more often!

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