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All the things...

On the last weekend in November, we had the annual US Thanksgiving/Christmas Cookie Baking meet up at motherinlawtree's again. It was fabulous - capnblackberry set up a second oven, then geojlc and I made many cookies, squares and candies. cflute also made it up this year and made some gluten free goodies. It was cool to see how adaptable some of the recipes were. I think the big hits were my Sponge Toffee (which everyone from South of the 49th kept insisting was Sea Foam) and the Fig Bars. Those are really fabulous after they've sat a few days and the cookie part gets really soft. I'm never buying fig newtons again - OMG so good.

geojlc made these fantastic Dinosaur cookies and I made Spaceships:

Many, many nomalicious things were made that day...

We also went to the UU with motherinlawtree and capnblackberry and sang "Crossover in Fugue". It was the first official performance for Harmonic Mayhem and I think it went pretty well.

The following weekend was the annual Christmas party here at the co-op. Jazzy Girl had to work this year and so was not available to help with much of the prep as she'd done in previous years, but I think it was still pretty good. I got the Pears with Brie wrapped in prosciutto done and that is always the most popular thing. I also did stuffed and baked potatoes and made hot Spinach, Artichoke & Asiago dip. Mmm, if money was no object, I think we (Jazzy and I) would start our own coffee shop / bakery / catering business. She's already decided that it would be called Butter and Sin.

After I finally got the SGASanta fic done, there were a bazillion and one things to get squared away at work before the holidays. It is funny how people leave things for the very last moment and then it all has to be done RIGHT NOW OMG.

My favourite saying, which I have said many times to my children and shared with several co-workers during the per-holiday Time of Crazy, is: Your lack of planning does not constitute my emergency.

Seriously. There are days when I am itching to ask them if they know what the definition of a DEADLINE is, or if they have it confused with SUGGESTION.

After all the crazy, the kids and I drove down to Portland to spend Christmas with moosaic4. We did a drive by and spent one night with trystel and tuto on the way. Always so nice to see them all - I'm so glad they don't mind having us dive-bomb them on the way through.

After Christmas, it was right back into the crazy, getting a bunch of things ready to deploy in the new year. I managed to do the New Year's Day brunch again this year, which is always good - people like to be fed waffles and coffee on New Year's morning. Or Morning-ish, really - we didn't actually start till about 11 am.

January was busy - both with work stuff and Rehearsals! Harmonic Mayhem met up twice - and since half of us are in BC and the other half in Washington, it's quite a logistical juggling act to find times that work for everyone and a place. Thank goodness for the UU in Bellingham. I also met up with motherinlawtree and capnblackberry a couple times since any rehearsal is good, even if not everyone is there.

I got the songbook for Conflikt organized and decided it would just be easier to print locally this year, especially since the Canadian dollar is so low - it was cost effective to print here and I got the binding I wanted for only a few more bucks.

And finally, last weekend - Conflikt! I headed down Thursday morning and picked up moosaic4 in Bellingham, then we headed over and spent the night with trystel and tuto. And yay, they all came to Conflikt this year, I was so happy they came! moosaic4's friend TR decided to come as well and met us at the hotel.

We decided to stay onsite this year - we usually stay at this crappy little hotel across the way, which is fine for what it is, and way cheap, but it was SO NICE to not have to schlep across the parking lot after midnight in the rain with my guitar. With three of us, it was much more affordable. I made a bunch of stuff ahead and froze it, then brought it in a cooler so we could just heat and eat in the room (Chicken and rice, chili, lasagna, homemade "hot pockets") as well as munchies and granola bars. They brought fruit and veg and cheese many other tasty things - we were well fed on the cheap. It was like having mini hospitality in our suite. I kinda miss running hospitality, but I don't miss the crazy of trying to prep everything onsite in less than 24 hours. Also, it's much more fun to bead with my friends and listen to the concerts.

I was going to head home Sunday evening, but it turned out that u_must_b_joking was staying and had a spare bed, so I was delighted to take her up on that. We were invited out to dinner by pondside and rms_butterfly and ended up at a very nice Thai place. Afterward, u_must_b_joking and I joined in the Smoked Salmon filk for a bit and sang Lady of Komarr (always one of my faves).

Monday morning I headed out after a round of goodbyes to them that were still onsite. Turned out that trystel left her beads in the concert hall, so since I was going up th 405 anyway, it was easy enough to swing by her place and drop them off. We had lunch and another round of hugs (never too many hugs!) before I was on my way home.

The only thing I hate about the whole thing is that so many of the people I love best in this world are so far away from me. Bah.

One lovely bit of good news - Harold said that he has recorded the concert and will provide us with a copy. I am alternately pleased and worries - I really want to hear us, and of course, I worry over the mistakes, but everyone who was there said we were really good, so I am hopefully it will be pretty awesome.

Next item on my agenda - finish my SGA Reverse bang story. I think I finally have a bead on were it's going - I'd been doing a crap tonne of research but just wasn't getting anywhere. Then I talked to outsideth3box and things began to align. It's good to have people who know the characters to bounce things off. It's not where I planned to go, not even sure it's where I want to go - actually, ok, I KNOW it's where I don't want to go at all, but it's where the STORY needs to go and so that's what's going to happen. I think it's going to be good.

What's up with you guys?


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Feb. 8th, 2016 02:36 pm (UTC)
Glad you survived the crazy holiday season! Those cookies look delicious!
Feb. 8th, 2016 05:04 pm (UTC)
That sounds like a few months full of good food and fellowship. Yay!
Feb. 9th, 2016 12:47 am (UTC)
Oh wow, you've certainly been very busy! I'm glad things are settling down now. I really want some cookies now :P

I'm glad you've got a bead on where your SGA Reverse Bang is heading. That's always a big struggle for me! I'm sorry it's not quite what you wanted, but I'm sure you'll make it amazing nonetheless.

*goes off to find noms*
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