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I swear, I have started to post SO MANY TIMES the last week, and something always came up - the phone rang, I got a text, one of the kids came into my room to chat, the doorbell rang, the cat started screaming at me for food - I swear, it was a conspiracy.

So, my life in brief:

The Harry Potter concert/movie was excellent, as expected. I was hoping that, like last time, they would have ties for sale. I was planning to buy one, but alas - they did not.

House affiliation thoughts...Collapse )

I ended up getting the Hufflepuff scarf.

My friend, who is not an HP fan at all, came with me again and seemed to enjoy it - she is *totally* a Hufflepuff, that girl. Loyal almost to a fault, hard working, down to earth - also, a really nice person, but has zero tolerance for bullshit. Yeah, go badgers, man!


Tuesday was the natal day celebration for the eldest progeny! How the hell do I have a 29 year old offspring? DUDE.

I gave her the cake so I can take a picture and she starts eating the Oreo cookie bits off the top. She said it was my fault for expecting her to adult. Silly me.


It turns out that my travel reprieve is over. The Big Boss, whom I Love and Adore in a Totally Work Appropriate Way (TM) gently encouraged me to come to Nashville for the meeting in May.

I had been holding off on travelling to the states...Read more...Collapse )

But, it looks like I'm going. Yay. I'm so thrilled. *sigh* I mean, I actually like these people (92%) and it will be good to do the face to face meeting and all, but... [insert WHINING here] it really feels like an enormous waste of company resources to fly down there for a couple of days, stay in a hotel, eat out - and also, my productivity is FOR SHIT when I don't have my home office set up. Working on a tiny laptop screen and keyboard is TEH SUCK. I have 2 big monitors and a nice full keyboard plugged into my dock. Doing actual WORK with spreadsheets and writing code and stuff on a laptop makes me cranky.[/whine]

I've mentioned before I'm on the social committee where I live, and we decided to put on a St. Paddy's day party. It turned out excellent, actually - last time we did a St. Paddy's day party, it had a lousy turn out. There were mucho people and lots of good Irish beer (and some cheap, crappy green beer) pub food - and I made a Sheppard's Pie because it just seemed like there should be something more than potato wedges and chicken strips - and Tullamore Dew. DUDE. I have not had Tully in FOREVER. I had like, I don't even know. 5 shots. Or something. And beer. And I was not hammered or anything, but I could tell that I was under the influence because I laughed A LOT about things that probably weren't as funny as they seemed at the time and I let Anna put a silly hat on me and take photos. But I think I quite like this one, actually...


WRITING! Ok, not much this month, really. Still having some pain - I sit for too long and seize up. I did finish that FWF story, which was awesome and fun - good, dark, not overly-hopped beer is inspirational, apparently. Did I mention that my favourite comment about my (very drunk) writing was from [personal profile] lq_traintracks: I love how this just slowly and surely turned into Norwegian

I laughed myself silly over that for days, man. Funniest thing I have read in ages, and so delighted to have it applied to my drunk-assed writing.

I only have about 5K so far this month, and mostly I'm just writing a few hundred words a day, but it's something.

Ok, now bed!

(I'm lying, I'm going to read for at least an hour)

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Fic: Never Listen to Malfoy (HP) Rating: R

So... I highly recommend [community profile] firewhiskeyfic as incredible fun. Seriously, more of you should play along. Also, I have the dubious honour of having won for LEAST COHERENT entry.


Title: Never Listen to Malfoy
Rating: R
Word count: 3499
Genre: Future fic, Humor, Post-Hogwarts
Author Notes: Written for [community profile] firewhiskeyfic March 2018; Prompts of "Can You believe our luck?" and Felix Felicis

Summary: Not listening to warnings can land you in hot water.

Or, in Harry's case, stuck in an out of the way Ministry corridor with your former school nemesis, waiting for a curse-breaker to rescue you.

How could things possibly get worse?

On AO3: Never Listen to Malfoy

If you want a laugh, go read the drunk version.

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Harry Potter concert this afternoon!

Two hours to showtime!

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HELLO AGAIN and also, Meme Tag: I'm it

OH DEAR FLISTIES, I HAVE MISSED YOU! I am pleased to report that I am no longer in agony! I am still going to physio and trying to remember to get up at least once and hour and walk around and do my exercises, but I have a bad habit of getting sucked into spreadsheets and email and having 5 hours go by before I notice. Working on getting better about that.

Also - I walked to physio and back on Tuesday, and while I was a bit stiff and sore the next day, it was in a good way (unlike the week before, when I was just being a stubborn idiot). Total walk is a little over 2.5K, so my goal is to start doing that at least 3 times a week, and gradually increase. We shall see what happens, since I am basically LAZY AS SHIT.

Moving along... next item up for bid: A meme in two parts.

Part 1: [profile] alisane has requested that I answer the following meme questions:

meme questionsCollapse )

Part 2: tag some people to answer questions you make up.

Well... I don't think I will specifically tag people, but how about this: if you want to play, please tell me stuff! I honestly enjoy these meme things because it's really fun learning new things about people. You can post on your own LJ/DW or reply here, but TELL ME ALL THE THINGS!

SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO PLAY, here are your questions:
questionsCollapse )

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Getting intouch... with my inner bitch.

I have discovered that this whole constantly being in a moderate amount of pain thing is wearing away at my patience. Typically, I am pretty helpful at work when people come to me with questions; even though they often don't give me all the info I need, I am usually able to discern by context, or memory, what they need.

I just answered a whole bunch of emails with a polite (maybe?) version of, "do your bloody homework before you ask for my help."

Possibly I am a wee bit DONE.

On a side note, I probably should not have walked a mile each way to physio and back this afternoon. But I thought, I can dothis! Well. Just because I COULD didn't mean I SHOULD. I am dumb.


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I. Can't. Even.

first day back at work. In a marketing/sales video conference meeting but not on camera because I'm in pain and walking around. Just heard that we are now, as of this week, covering guns. GUNS.

So glad I was not on audio or video. Because the swearing was not appropriate for a business meeting. there was some discussion that perhaps this was poor timing, but generally the response was, "we have to or we'll lose business."

Because that is all that matters. We might lose money. God knows, we can't afford to take a moral stand or anything like that.

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Health, life, yargh

Last Thursday and Friday, my back was bothering me a lot, so I decided to step away from the computer for the weekend, thinking it would help.


By Sunday, it was really painful to stand more than a few minutes. Plus side: being able to order the kids to do chores with minimal complaining! There is always a silver lining. Despite working really sucking on Monday (sitting is THE WORST) I stretched a lot and felt like things were maybe a little bit better that evening. So I made dinner, washed dishes, did laundry, did normal stuff...

Sometimes, I am deeply stupid and out of touch when my body is trying to say, "Hey MORON! Smarten UP! DON'T PUSH IT!"

Tuesday started at 6am with OMG BACK ON FIRE and also STABBY STABBITY STAB and fuck ME that hurts. So I staggered downstairs to get pain killers. And on the way back upstairs, my back said, "FUCK YOU BITCH" and whoa. Suddenly there was no more walking up stairs, it was hello carpet! Hello hands and knees!

Also, I really need to vacuum the stairs.

ANYWAY. Tuesday was a day of many curses and swear words and a lot of calling kids to come wait on me (Another plus! See previous comment re: silver linings) and thanking GOD I still had my crutches from when I dislocated me knee a few years back so I didn't have to crawl to the bathroom. I emailed my boss and told him that there was no way I was making it to work. Because sitting? OMG AGONY. Thankfully, he's had back injuries before and was very understanding.

Wednesday was mostly the same but I managed to stumble into the shower without killing myself and stood under the hottest water I could tolerate until my hot water tank was empty (no really, I'm not kidding) and then made myself move around a little because I KNOW just lying there does not help.


Thursday, I managed to move around enough that I could make it to the drop in clinic. Went to start the car and... yeah. ok. So, this cold snap we're getting may be picturesque with the snow and and all, but my car was not having it. It made noises when I turned the key that clearly translated to FUCK YOU BITCH AND FUCK THIS WEATHER IMMA SLEEP NOW TAKE THE GODDAMN BUS and ok, that sucked. BUT! At least it was sunny.

On a side note, my friends lit into me for not asking for a ride. I was read the riot act in a manner that I have not experienced since before my mother died. Except maybe when Alisa made me pinky swear to see the doctor a few years ago.

Today! I was sufficiently cowed by the previous lectures that when I made a physio appointment, I asked for a ride. I tried to say I could take the bus there and they could pick me up after, but that got smacked down so fast...

I don't have a lot of friends, but the ones I've got are pretty awesome, just sayin'.

So the physiotherapist was good. I thought it was just going to be a lecture about not doing my exercises and checking my range of motion and such, but she electrocuted me instead. IFC and HOT HOT HOT pad on my back and dear god, once I got past the sensation of a thousand poky needles in my back it was BLISS.

I was supposed to start my course tomorrow, but I called the school and they let me move to the class starting in April. THANK GOD. I could not sit and concentrate for 3 hours on JavaScript tomorrow.

So. A whole week and not one bloody word written, but I think that I have reasonably good excuse. I am going to try and do a little writing tomorrow - I can sit for about 15 minutes with a hot pad before everything starts to seize up. A few 10 minutes stints - I should be able to get a few words out.

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Firewhiskey fic is coming up!

Yay! It's that time again! when you drink alot and write something. And NO PROOFREADING OR FIXING! And then everyone gets to giggle at your drunken masterpiece!

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Another question about magic and technology

Would a Protego stop an energy weapon? I mean, it stops hexes and curses (except for an Avada Kedavra) and I posit that it would stop physical assult (like bullets) but would it stop Ronon's gun? Or a Wraith energy weapon, or Jaffa staff weapon?


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Fic: The Cool Uncle (SGA) Rating: G

Still have many WIPs, but one is done! Have a helping of fluffy McSheppy goodness!

Title: The Cool Uncle
Author: [personal profile] shaddyr
Rating: G
Word count: 1358
Genre: Future fic, Slice of Life, Fluff and Humor
Author Notes: Written for [community profile] romancingmcshep 2018; bonus of also being a fill for the [community profile] trope_bingo prompt, kid fic

On AO3: The Cool Uncle

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